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Helen stills
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Welcome to helen_stills!!

Welcome to Helen_stills an Icontest community dedicated to Helen Magnus from the Scifi show 'Sanctuary'. The challenges will consist of caps from either the webisodes or the show itself. There's a possibility that a technique challenge will also get thrown into the mix as well.



1. Please don't share your icon before the winners are announced. Icons must be specifically made for this challenge.
2. Use LJ icon standard, 100x100 and less than 40kb.
3. Blending Caps/text/textures/brushes are allowed unless otherwise specified. This is a stills community so NO animation unless the challenge says otherwise.
4. You can submit a total of 5 icons.
5. Challenges will run for a week.

1. Do not vote for yourself and do not ask someone to vote for you.
2. Comments are screened so feel free to ask if you have any questions!
3. Please vote in order of preference. ex: 20, 5, 6 (20= 3 points, 5= 2 points, and 6= 1 point)
4. You don't have to have submitted icons to be able to vote.

1. Because the show is ongoing and only has one season I will probably have to use caps from the new episodes. However, I will wait till 2 weeks after the US airdate before using caps from the new episode.

Have Fun!

Best of the year '09- xafirah

Best of January '10- xafirah